My Crazy Story

Hey there!  So you may be wondering who the heck is Lori Willis… and what is this chick all about?



Maybe you’re wondering…..”can I trust her?”….”and does she even KNOW what she’s talking about when it comes to online marketing?”

And perhaps the reason you’re asking yourself all of these questions is because you’re either an internet marketer like myself, or you’re looking for a way out of your mundane job…

Maybe it’s a job you love but doesn’t pay you enough…. or maybe it’s a job that pays great but you HATE!  (believe me I have friends like this….Dr’s and Lawyers etc…. that love their pay, but really dislike what they do….or they are sick of the bureaucracy and corporate america stuff they have to deal with)

My Crazy Story How I Even Got Online….

Let’s begin with how I got started in the internet marketing world… Over a year ago I was living comfortably….raising my kids at home and home-schooling my oldest, 4 years old…. at the time….My husband was a pharmacist and bringing home a nice income, things were good but he was gone ALL the time working 12 hour shifts and I was home alone with three kids 4 and under!

my three kids

 One of the Worst Days

Then he lost his Job……and was relying on a part time 4-7 days of work per month!  We quickly ran through our savings….And found ourselves in the welfare line… I was a college graduate with years of experience in banking…. a degree in journalism….a cosmetology license…. yet I was in the welfare office!  

My husband was depressed and hopeless with the weight of the world on his shoulders.  I wanted to help him, but how could I?  I had no family near me to watch my kids…I was nursing a baby….my car had been totaled by my step daughter, the wreck was her fault so now we owed on a vehicle that we would never even own ….. But thankfully no one was hurt! So, now we were down to 1 car….and no means to afford another….so what did I do?


The Coupon Queen!

So I began to clip coupons like a MAD WOMAN! I learned to extreme coupon and get a cart full of groceries for 30 dollars…but it took me hours and days to find, clip and then…drive to several stores to get what we needed…..I would have my kids watching educational TV for hours or playing, just so I could spend all this time to coupon…..meanwhile the rent stayed the same….the bills continued to roll in….our credit tanked…. and the desperation grew.

coupon binder

The Light bulb Moment!

Then one day after many nights crying and praying…. I began to search for ways to make money from home and not just SAVE by using coupons.  I remember going out to shop with my enormous coupon binder and strategic list.

One day I pulled over into a private and secluded parking lot and sobbed  and sobbed, in our old, rusted Blue Dodge Dakota with over 200K miles on it….just to let my emotions out without stressing my husband out further and worry the kids with “why is mommy crying?”

I made a decision that I would SURVIVE, no I would THRIVE, by GOD I would find out how to make money online and never have to suffer like that again…….and the beginning for me, was to QUIT being a victim…no matter what my or your circumstances are,  take control and responsibility for your life!  Find someone who has what you want and simply model after that…and that is what I have done …

I Dried Up My Tears and Went To Work

So my husband signed us up for a Network Marketing company and I’ll be honest I was not sold on the idea….I had tried a few before and never made any money….it was a Nutritional Company and they would run these little challenges where winners would get prizes and recognition etc…

One prize was an iPad and that was a complete luxury for me in our financial state, so I decided to enter the contest….it was a weight loss video documentation contest.  I ended up winning the contest 3 times out of over 6000 people! And I lost over 40 lbs!  But I did not win the Jackpot Prize! …..

takeover tuesday winner weight loss

But what I did learn, was the skill of video marketing!  I won a fit bit, an exercise ball, a video camera….but no iPad :(

P.S. (I have since been able to purchase & afford my own iPad) ;)

Here’s My Story In Video…. I made it during the contest …. it was one of the video contest winners….and even though I don’t promote this company anymore….the video still inspires me ..and reminds me of my  journey and my “WHY”… enjoy….

……the big prize was a trip to Hollywood to have my story produced by Ben Silverman and be shared in the company’s magazine.  I was hoping that would be my big ticket to success! To  be in front of thousands of readers in this magazine and become a Network Marketing Success Story!

But Alas though I made it to the Top 100 contestants, I was not chosen as one of the 10 Finalist….My dream was crushed….once again I sobbed in my hotel room in St. Louis MO where the contestants were announced at the National Company Convention.

I had pawned / taken a loan against… my wedding ring and my husbands heirloom guns just to get us the rental van and expenses to get to this convention where my dream was to win the contest. I sobbed telling my husband… “I’ve prostituted myself for trinkets!” Hey we all have our moments right?

On the flip side, after I dried up my tears….  I told my husband, the one person I TRULY wanted to meet was Lindsay Messina….I watched all her videos and she inspired me to lose weight and be a winner….well wouldn’t ya know….during dinner that night she was sitting alone at a table working on her lap top and I was able to have a great conversation with her and grab a few pictures to boot!

me and lindsay messina me and lindsay


Who is Lindsay Messina you might ask?  Well just check out this picture below…and then you’ll understand why I was so stoked to meet her!

Lindsay Messina

When One Door Closes Another one Opens!

So after my pity party was over I was left with the question, what now?  Our attempt at home parties was a bust….my attempt at winning our way to stardom was also a bust….

So I began to dig online at the top recruiters in my current Network Marketing company and found that many if not ALL had blogs….I began to discover they had learned to leverage the internet to get new leads … prospects….sales….and business partners on auto-pilot! Bingo I had a new door opened to me.  I learned most of my online marketing techniques from MLSP.

And now I am implementing them in my Younique Business.  I don’t have home parties, unless I want too!  I have learned how to use Instagram, Pinterest, Blogging, & Video Marketing, and of course Facebook to do most of my business! I love this, because with today’s busy lifestyle it’s great to run a home based business right from your smart phone, Mac, or PC …..there are day’s I’ve made 10 sales and recruited new business partners without having left home at all. :)

I don’t claim to know it all, but I have gained an immense amount of knowledge and have surrounded myself with some of the best minds in the network marketing industry that have helped me, and I can pass this knowledge on to you.  And help you avoid a lot of the costly mistakes I made when I first got started online.

leaders in the industry

Above everything I love to help & teach others, so I also offer myself as a coach and mentor to assist you in growing your business. 

you…. Here are a few things my friends and teammates have said about me:


So I’m fairly confident I can help you!

So what are you waiting for? contact me with any questions you may have.

With the utmost sincerity & wishing you all the success you deserve!

~Lori Willis

Lori Willis

10 thoughts on “My Crazy Story

  1. For anyone reading this – it’s so true – I was in St Louis with Lori and I felt horrible she didn’t win – I did and she is still so dear to me – I was in that Hotel room when she was so distressed – I just wanted to fix it for her – so that’s my input – Lori is an amazing and honest hard working person ❤ Gail Shrine

    • Thanks Gail! wow that means a lot for you to comment on my story and my blog :) Ahhhh I miss our good ole video & work out days! Good Times … I’m so proud of everything you have accomplished and all the progress you have continued to make!

  2. Carole says:

    Hi, I have fallen on hard times myself with a masters in nutrition and business. I feel like I am suffocating in quick sand it is not only a struggle but it is overwhelming! I have spent money on numerous Internet solutions and not finding the solution. I am paralyzed from this. So your story has given me hope because today I to had that hysterical moment and talk with god. I just want direction and I can’t afford to waste money. I am really freaked out because the home owners association just filed to foreclose on my house. So my question is do you prefer this system over MLSP?
    Which system can you really make money with. If it’s MLSP what level do you recommend, I know mastery you make the most but that is a bit expensive and I am going crazy with which marketing platform would be most beneficial.

    Any advice would be so appreciated, thanking you in advance

    • Hi Carole , sorry to hear you have fallen on hard times …I can totally relate to spending a lot on marketing products etc… unfortunatley there is no “magic pill” or quick success … but I know that if you are determined and you learn to “market” whatever it is your offer is, and stay consistent…. you can reach any goal you set … you must have a proven plan and then work your plan. I find that MLSP has the best training in Marketing for Direct Sales at this point ILN is going through some issues with Infusion Soft and they are switching platforms … so I would def reccomend MLSP …. if you really can’t afford the 19.95 per month now then I would just dig in to as many free trainings as you can! There are a TON on the internet…. Pick one Strategy .. for example video marketing, or blogging, or facebook etc…. MASTER IT! and when you begin to get results then add another strategy. You may have to play around with 1 or 2 strategies till you find what you like the best and works for you. Also don’t be afraid to look into other methods to earn and save … for months I coupon-ed like a mad woman! And I would spend only 19.95 on MLSP and it honeslty took me 9 months to make my first sale and about 2 years till I was actually in profit…most people won’t hang on that long. That is why it’s really important to be clear on your WHY and then just get to work ;) … Also I sold a lot of things and still do on Amazon and Ebay to get by some of those tough times! Hope this helps.

  3. Star says:

    Thank you for sharing! I’m interested in the business. I’ll be working with my friend Kimberly Zavala. What a great oppertunity. May God contuine to bless you.


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